“All My People / All Mankind”

“All My People / All Mankind” is a series of portraits of friends in Italy and abroad taken via webcam during the quarantine. “All my people” are whoever has been there during this difficult time, everybody in their own way. Each person has been photographed in his/her favourite corner of the house or while dedicating to his/her hobby or passion. The link with many of these people is music. The intention was to catch the empathic connection between the photographer and them, neverthless the distance and three devices (webcams and the camera) inbetween.

All mankind is the second interpretation. Each person has their own story and the covid emergency has had consequences on everybody’s life. These are universal stories in which everybody can recognize themselves. They teach us that the mankind has a great power to adapt because life always prevails.

I Can’t Escape Myself [Quarantine]